Recently the small attachment of my blender broke down, and refused to perform even a minimal task. I had to face the unwelcome chore of repairing it, not to mention the inconvenience to be faced as small household tasks stayed undone. It stayed for nearly a month at the small time repair shops, and after fielding questions like “Is the repair man using it for his own home use?” from my family members, got it back – dismantled totally; and in a worse condition than before!!! The piece in question had been purchased by me just a couple of years before. Hence, I took it to the service centre from where I had initially bought it. The service personnel took one look at the piece and with a bland expression decreed, “Madam, give it and get another one!” Do a “Buy Back”. I was taken aback since it was quite early to do that. Undaunted, I got in touch with the company office who in turn instructed their local branch to do the needful. The technician gave a home visit and also replaced the faulty jar with another one – all for a reasonable price!! I was satisfied since I did not have to change the whole piece, which would have meant shelling out more cash.
Thoughts started whirring in my mind, how easily we slip into the buyback mentality!? We are tempted to give our old pieces, replacing the originals with newer facets and add-ons which guarantee to make our life easier.
Can this be applied to our life? Can we buy back time? Can we give away our earlier days filled with soft, sweet memories and exchange them for brand new crackling ones? Is it possible to take back unjust words and replace them with proper ones…or for that matter, unspoken ones; if uttered they would have changed the course of our life?

Would a mother exchange the precious time with her baby and get a grown up child instead? Take for instance a married couple, how would they feel if someone asked them to do away with their newly-wed euphoric memories and get brand new ones, with the added benefit of grey hair?
However fond we are of our new-age gadgets, we all love to hold on to our erstwhile memories. It is said that human nature stores happy memories. However lucrative the offer may be, no one would like to exchange them; whatever the benefit. Life sometimes becomes easy just reliving our good times.
My new attachment of the old mixer is running all the more efficiently. After keeping the main body intact, with a few minor alterations, things churn out even better!!


Hello all…


A warm welcome to all my friends! I would like to thank you for taking time to visit my blog …A heartfelt thankyou.  Writing has been my dream job for many years, and by starting this blog  I wish I can keep seeing my dream and living it too!  It’s not a job, rather an extension of my own self.  I love the play of words, sentences, and eventually the thoughts that build up an article.  It is also a pleasure to research a given subject and put it into words for the matter of simplifying it or giving it a new perspective.

Drop of Gold!


Gift your child a drop of GOLD!

Various ayurvedic treatments are targeted for different stages in life.  They are preventative in nature, meant to build a strong body which resists any attack of disease.

Ancient Indians were aware of immunity and resistance.  That is the reason they had designed a treatment thousands of years ago which was meant for newborn babies.  `Suvarna Prashana’ is an ayurvedic inoculation method which is child-friendly being given in the form of oral drops, and its benefits are numerous. The process of administering gold orally fortified with other useful ingredients, in the form of liquid, semisolid or paste form is Suvarna Prashana. Suvarna means `Gold’ and Prashana means consumption.

Gold in a liquid or ash form is fortified by honey, cow ghee, vacha (acourus calamus), and brahmi (bacopa monneiri).  It is given on the day of the auspicious star i.e. pushya or cancri in the cancer constellation.  This star is considered the best star in astrology as it bestows the quality of nourishment along with other qualities.  As the main aim of the treatment is to nourish a child in all aspects, it is given on this particular day which falls every twenty seven days.

This treatment though designed for newborns, is also given to a wider age group i.e. newborns to children up to fifteen years.  It helps during the period of teething as well as seasonal changes and allergies.

Gold is considered the premium metal in ayurveda.  Its colour, cost, and its medicinal properties account for its qualities.  It is a natural mineral, non-toxic, and easily tolerated by the body.  It has rejuvenating properties, especially for the brain and digestive system.  It increases mental alertness and ability to concentrate. Furthermore it also has antioxidant properties.  When it is used in health preservation, the effects are a bright and healthy future.

Ingredients like honey and ghee are used for specific purposes.  Infancy is the time when a child is most susceptible to coughs and colds. Honey, if given in small quantities for regular intervals in an infant, increases its resistance towards various allergies.

Ghee is one of the main ingredients used in this treatment.  During the process of preparation of ghee, lots of ayurvedic herbs which boost brain power are added in the right form and quantity.  The prominent feature of ghee is that it imbibes the qualities of the liquid into which it is mixed.

Vacha is a herbal root powder which has properties that support physical and mental strength to fight daily stress and tension. It is used for the promotion of memory.

Brahmi is an important herb in the ancient ayurvedic system of medicine. It is well known the world over for its uses as a brain and nerve tonic.  This herb is very useful to increase a person`s intellect. It stimulates growth of hair, skin and nails and is also known to cleanse the blood.

Let us have a look at the benefits of this practice.

  • It increases immunity of a child against various diseases.
  • It also increases the physical strength, grasping, alertness, logical thinking, and helps in having a strong memory.
  • Digestion improves, so also the skin tone.
  • It also helps a child’s body to fight against toxins which are absorbed in the body from pesticides sprayed on fruits and vegetables.
  • One more remarkable fact to be noted is that it brings about optimism, and a power to overcome mental and physical hardships; which are the fore bearers of good fate.

Children who are administered these drops stay healthy, and active.  Their physical strength increases as does their mental capacity, concentration and grasping power. Regular doses ensure a defense mechanism is in place to fight various diseases.  It also helps in children who are autistic and hyperactive.   If more and more children are given these drops, we will have a future generation with the real `Midas touch’ inside them which will truly be a boon for their lifetimes, and which will never diminish.

Suvarna Prashana is administered at Ayurvedic clinics. The clinics post ads of their camps which are organized, so that children from a particular area benefit from it.