The special moments in life.  Catch them before they pass on because they are rare to come by or can catch you by surprise.  Dwell in them; on them later on when there is time.

These moments can be so different for each person; it can be an exam aced for one person; for another a successful interview which could mean finally landing a coveted job, a championship title that has been achieved with all the sweat, blood and tears.

sky cloud sun

That moment when the sun suddenly comes out shining through the clouds when all you have had is a dreary, dark day!  At the end of trying times when you are waiting for that dream to come true and finally it happens after all those days of teeth gritting patience!

The person you love with your whole heart, proposes to you, that moment when the tear in your eye looks like a diamond not found anywhere on this earth. Savor it!

When the doctor confirms that you are about to be a parent, your joy knows no bounds, and you want to capture that moment forever and save it as a screenshot which you can relive later. Savor the moment!

When your child utters his first word, takes his first wobbly step, and calls out to you; you feel life rushing through you. Savor the sweet instance!

Your best friend is getting married and has asked you to go shopping with her, just the anticipation of the happy time you are going to have; and the plans you make, nothing can stop you smiling at such times.  Savor the anticipation!

After all, life happens in moments such as these.  Savor these moments, and if at all there are times that test your patience, then reliving these instances can help you endure through the trying period.






One thought on “#savor

  1. Sapna Tilak

    Good read. Savour everyday and every moment of the day ,for it’s not coming back again.
    Beautiful thought and beautifully put across.


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