Zip =====

Emotional zips======

If there were emotional zips, it would be so easier to mend relations which had split wide open. A flick of the wrist and …Voila! everything is the same as it was before.

Or the other way….If a relation got too stuffy, a gentle little pullback, and …there! …let the air in!

Put a zip on your feelings ……..

At times you know it’s not wise to let your feelings flow.. so put a zip on them!

Or else …some other times, at some other place, it’s not healthy to bottle up so too!  So zip-open your thoughts and let someone know how you feel.

Again, if you are being trusted and receive confidential information, then zip it and keep it guarded.

Zip close …….

your mind to store all knowledge, good memories and positive thoughts, experiences that count.

Zip open up…….

to throw out the trash, negativity, and parts of life best left out.


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