#blogging branding


My first exercise in the WordPress University course!  Makes me feel young again…. good to have some assignment after all these years.  Getting nostalgic about school days, and they are so far gone.

Well, the question to be answered is “Why do I Blog?”.

It is mostly to put into words my thoughts.  Where I can see them in print, and share them with the world.

The second subsequent question is about the meaning of a successful blog in my terms. My dream of a successful blog would be, (yeah, why not at least dream big?).  Where the search engines rank my blog on their number one priority list, and there is a lot of interesting work lined up for me.  Most of all I see this as an opportunity to increase my knowledge of things that rev up my curiosity, to make me more aware of things which as yet I have to discover.

The most important part would be for me when people who read my blog, feel connected to the ideas, and help them find answers they were looking for, go back with a smile on their face and a pleasant experience, only to visit again and again.   Yes! It would mean a lot to me if my blog helps people in some way, any little way possible!




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