Dear Ladies;  most of you are bearing multiple responsibilities.  The work front and the home front being the major ones taking up most of your time and priorities.  Add to that the social circle as well. When the home front is smooth running, you can concentrate on the work front and increase your productivity.  For that, you have to set the priorities. But when the word priority comes in; the only person who can set the parameters is you and you only.

  • So make a list of all the important things in your everyday life and compartmentalise them according to the significance.  Next, assign the typical amount of time you can provide to each work and plan the schedule accordingly.
  • For instance, if preparing breakfast can prove to be time-consuming then keep in stock ready-made food which can provide the family with healthy and nutritious alternatives.  This needs careful planning, thinking of the needs of all of the family members and their time schedules.  This also brings to the fore one more important but sometimes underrated task and that is, stocking up your pantry.



This task can form the base of your entire home management

Keeping Stock

This task can form the base of your entire home and work management.  Because once the grocery, greens, and veggies and other necessary items are purchased and stored, you will be able to plan the whole week in advance.  This will make certain you have a smooth operation and stress-free routine.  So, if it entails buying online grocery or self-purchasing whichever is best suited, it will help reduce confusion.


Elders can supervise work

Delegate responsibility

Depending on the number of members in a family, each one can be given tasks which he/she can complete according to time availability.  Of course, these days outsourcing is the key to managing a home.  If the family consists of elderly people living with you, assign some work or responsibility which can be easily done by them or they can supervise the work which you have outsourced to a domestic help.




It is alright if children do some of their own work –

If you are a working mum and balancing home duties too, chances are your children will also imbibe the importance of self-help and will be inclined to do their own chores.  This will, in fact, help them to be independent individuals who will not be bogged down by any amount of work and any type of work.


Your spouse can lend a hand too



It may happen that you and your partner may have different work schedules.  There may be days when, he comes in early, or has an option to work from home.  In that case, you can ask your spouse to complete some chore which you may find difficult to do, owing to your work load or if you are meeting deadlines.

So when work is fairly distributed, the home tends to move in rhythm without any discord.  Last but not the least,

Do not forget you have a life too –

The best time in your life is when you give time to yourself.  It may mean spending time with friends, watching a movie, visiting the parlor/spa or the gym to keep fit.  These little things give us the greatest pleasures of life.  When we invest in our own well-being the dividends of happiness, are bountiful!!

Try keeping in mind the above, and add or remove some options that suit you, and you will be able to achieve that perfect

Work=Life: balance


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