Doing this ensures a good day!


This is the first post to flag off the challenge!!

How you kickstart your day as soon as you wake up determines how it progresses so do these few things and have a good day!!

  • Smile

Related image

Smiling releases the feel good hormones in your body.  It also reduces your stress levels, and blood pressure levels too.  When you smile as soon as you wake up, it makes you feel positive and able to handle whatever the day throws at you.  Say Cheese!

  • Stretch

When your body is in a supine state for more than six hours, your muscles too tend to stay that way.  Stretching is a wake-up call for all the muscles to work together as a team to support your body.  Stretching benefits are many.  The most important being increasing blood circulation all over the body, reducing stress, improving your body posture, and preventing back ache.

A young man waking up in bed and stretching his arms

  • Breathe deeply – in and out

The first positive thought of the day should be that you are thankful for the life that you have and what better way to show your gratitude than doing a bit of deep breathing ? Breathe deeply the life that pulses in you to feel the calmness soothe your mind and soul. Breathe out slowly; only to take another deep breath.

  • Sit up and meditate

Meditating woman silhouette / Woman is meditating in seated position.

Sit in a lotus position on the bed and close your eyes to meditate.  Let no thought interrupt your mind at this beautiful moment of the day.  Just observe your breath going in and coming out.  Feel the mind relaxing and small waves of happiness engulf you.

  • Open up your palms

Two open empty hands with palms up

Your hands are the architects of your destiny.  To survive in this world, they are your best tools.  What your mind thinks, plans, and dreams, your hands give it a tangible shape.  So at the beginning of each day open up your palms and look at them, rub them over your face and all over your body.  In Indian tradition, it is considered auspicious to look at one’s palms at day break.  There are certain mantras that go with this gesture that bestow positivity on the person.
  • Climb out and touch down – towards the ground

Picture of stretched mature lady bending down

Another step towards stretching your body.  Bend down towards the ground and feel the stretch in the muscles, that drives away lethargy.  Feel the blood flow as your body changes posture.  Enjoy the awakening as you come up again.  Bend backwards and stretch your back and repeat as per your liking.

  • Walk on your toes and heels

Child's Feet and Legs in Bathroom

As you start walking, walk first on your toes and then on your heels.  The lower leg, as well as the calf muscles, are stretched.  It is a great exercise to balance your body.  It also improves circulation to the toes and it’s of help to people with flat feet and fallen arches.

Make a habit of following these simple procedures and see the difference it makes to your day!!

So go ahead and have a good day!!


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