15 Reasons why summer is enjoyable for homemakers!!


You often sweat at the mere thought of summer. At the onset itself you find yourself thinking, “This is just the beginning, how will I go through the whole summer season?”
But here are a few things which go unnoticed but are definitely the plus points for the scorching season.

Clothes dry in no time at all

clothes line

1. You don’t have to worry if your favorite dress is washed at the last moment, and whether it will dry well or not. It will be ready to iron in a short time after being put up on the clothes line to dry. Even big bed covers or mattresses are crackling dry when washed and put up.

Curd setting –

2. Due to the heat in the atmosphere, curd which shows a stubborn streak in the winter, and makes you wait for a long time for it to set, is all set within a few hours after being tempered.

Drinks time –

orange juice

3. You are more inclined towards drinking cool liquids. Hence solid food or cooking required is less in quantity. Kids are happy to drink up lassi, iced tea, fruit drinks, or lemonade. Also evening snacks like bhel, pav bhaji, dabeli, even pasta or noodles will suffice their taste buds and hunger pangs too. Cutting short ‘cooking the whole meal’ process.

Health is good –

4. The season doesn’t much see the growth of infectious bacteria so there is not much of a worry of catching a cold, cough or the flu.

Break – –

5. Most of the schools have vacations. So the everyday brain twister question “What should I pack for his/her short break, lunch break?” also takes a break.
6. So also, the alarm clocks going off in the morning, ironing of the school uniforms, the frantic search for the right pair of socks, keeping track of the timetables, attending school meetings, and the submissions and myriad other things are swept under the rug.

Going out –

sunglasses n hat

7. You can step out with as little as a pair of sunglasses and a hat, unlike the monsoon and winter, where you have to keep your raincoat or sweaters/jackets ready.
8. You can confidently wear white or light-colored dresses, as they are more suitable for the weather, but also there is no fear of you getting splashed by water and ruining them, from a vehicle passing by.
9. You are more hair-ready. After a hair wash there is no necessity of using a hair dryer as it dries up quickly on its own because of the atmosphere. So you are ready with time to spare.
10. Minimal make up is required. While going out during the day minimal make up will be sufficient as the glare of the sun makes dark make up look garish.

Rise and shine –

summer walk

11. The early morning weather is quite encouraging for any exercise activity. Be it a morning walk, jog, or cycling you feel energetic to perform these physical activities. Fitness levels are enhanced giving a glow and confidence.
12. Dresses put away to the back of the wardrobe, are brought up front as the exercise helps you lose weight and tones up your body.

Family time –

13. Most of the cricket matches (IPL and T20) series are held during these summer seasons. It has become a tradition of sort to wait for the summer and the eventual matches to start. The whole family; at times extended family, and friends gather to watch and cheer for the players and have a good time. The finals or semi finals are big draws now, being seen on big screens with the hotels making brisk business.

Blooms all around –




14. Summer is the time when all trees are in full bloom, exhibiting new shiny leaves along with their colorful blossoms. There are riots of color everywhere. The violets of the Jacaranda, the Bougainvillea of the flamboyant colors, the reds of the gulmohar, the yellows of the cassia, frangipani, and the list is endless. Just a whiff of their heady fragrance is enough to soar your spirits.
15. In its own way nature is trying to communicate that even if the sun is scorching, there are other pleasant things to take your mind off the blistering heat and the flowers more than make up for it.
So even if you were considering summer to be arduous, the above perspective will definitely help you to enjoy summer to the fullest!!

Sun is shinin’ and so are you!!


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